Activating your grip for the first time Activating your grip for the first time

Activating your grip for the first time

When you first receive any pair of goalkeeper gloves you should pre-wash them to activate the grip. 

Why do I need to pre-wash?

Pre-washing removes any preservatives within the latex and helps open up the pores that allow moisture in, which activates the grip.

How do I activate the grip?

We have a handy glove wash guide here that explains everything. Make sure you allow them to air dry naturally, in a stable room temperature and outside of direct sunlight. 

How do I know the pre-wash was done correctly?

The water in your sink should turn a sort of yellowish/milky colour. This is the preservatives coming out of the latex. We recommend emptying the sink and carrying out the washing process again just to see if you are still seeing the water change colour. 

If the water is clear or the colour change is very minimal you have successfully activated your grip. 

Maintaining your grip

Latex is not designed to be dry. A dry latex means it will be brittle and more subject to wear, tear and flaking. You should continue to pre-wash your gloves 24 hours before your game and if necessary, dampen slightly during the game (this is why you see the pros squirt water or spit on their gloves). 

This doesn't mean your gloves should be soaking and have surface water on them, it just means the latex should be holding moisture. 

Although we do not recommend spitting, because the bacteria and enzymes that will enter the latex's pours will negatively impact the lifespan of the grip.