Should I wear finger save spines? Should I wear finger save spines?

Should I wear finger save spines?


This comes down to personal preference and what you are trying to achieve.

Long term we would always recommend that you train yourself and your technique without finger-spines. As it allows greater flexibility and control of the ball BUT (although uncommon) we do even have some pros that use spines.

✅ What spines are great for

  1. Preventing "hyper-extension" of your fingers
  2. Providing extra protection for punching balls
  3. Providing extra protection for individual injured fingers
  4. Recreational 5 or 7-a-side where the focus is on parrying or punching
  5. An initial confidence boost for first-time keepers

❌ What spines are not great for

  1. Long term technique and feel of the ball
  2. Young developing keepers
  3. Preventing any kind of fractures or breaks (they are for hyper-extension only)

What about for children?

Long term we would advise young keepers develop their technique without Finger Spines, it will be more beneficial however we appreciate parents want to protect their children from any form of injury.

Developing a reliance on spines can mean:

  1. They never truly develop the natural feel for the ball
  2. They'll learn habits focused on punching and parrying, not claiming

This doesn't mean you shouldn't purchase a glove with Finger Spines and ultimately every pair of OGs that has this feature will have an easy-access pouch to remove them if you don't wish to use them, or simply store them away just incase. 

Spines can be great for first-time keepers looking for that extra confidence boost or protection, but when possible you should progress and upgrade them out of spines.