☀️ How to dry goalkeeper gloves ☀️ How to dry goalkeeper gloves

☀️ How to dry goalkeeper gloves


Once you have washed your goalkeeper gloves and are ready to dry them, we recommend applying pressure with a towel to your gloves to soak up excess water, before leaving them to dry naturally. Do not wipe or scrub them with the towel as this may tear pieces of the latex.


You can also hang them on a washing line or in the bathroom, but be careful not to leave them in direct sunlight or a humid environment. 

Do not dry your gloves by using the following methods:

❌ On a radiator

❌ In front of a fire

❌ In a tumble dryer

❌ Using an iron

❌ Using an airing cupboard

❌ In direct sunlight

❌ By ‘wringing’ them out

All of the above methods may cause a loss of natural moisture in the latex and in turn, make them dry and brittle. 

What sunlight does to gloves

Here is a real example of what sunlight will do to your gloves. This is a brand new unused pair that we simply had on display in our office next to a window. You can see the tips have dried up and naturally worn away purely from losing moisture, not even game time!